Workshops and group coaching:


  • Third Culture Kids

For parents of Third culture Kids, how to nurture and coach them into resilient global citizens


  • Transitioning into university

For (parents of) school leavers, what happens next? How can you (as a parent) guide your(self) child best through this life changing period.  


  • Repatriation

For an expat the move 'back home' might be one of the most difficult ones he or she could make, with many cross cultural marriages within the expat community for some home is a new place in itself. How to make most of this. 


  • Expat, make the most of it!

Living in a culture which is not the one you grew up in. Enjoying it and growing into a cultural intelligent expat. Honoring your values whilst living in a different society.  













  • See and Hear your child 


Be in good relationship with yourself and others, in this workshop you experience and work with yourself (and your children or your parents for that matter). No powerpoint workshop but an interactive experience around 

 "See and hear your child"
A fun, deep and practical afternoon and morning workshop (split into two parts with an evening in between, 
with “practice homework",
feed it back the next day). 
Next one coming up:
autumn 2019
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Some experiences from this workshop:

"It brought me new insights in how to respect the children and how to approach them on their level but also to reflect how I act myself when parenting. 

Helpful tools and insights, powerful exercises."

                                     Alexandra from The Netherlands


"As a professional Life coach Gerda knows exactly how to guide us and give us her knowledge in an interactive and interesting way"     Ghida from Lebanon


“I really loved and appreciated what Gerda has done with me, it is always
helpful when you have to verbalize what is your problem, 
where your process comes from.. She helped me a lot and I feel much better..     It was a real gift"
Andrea Leitmann from Hungary